Dump and Forget Your Social Media Post

Do you have any social media posts left undeleted? If you do not use or need them any more, why not digitally throw them away like your weekly garbage bins?


The form below (at the end of this page) is to be used to submit social media posts. The submitted posts will be shared on this website, which is a piece of online based, participatory artwork by Shinji Toya. The site is an online dumping ground of social media posts, and the uploaded posts will be shared with the online world, visually dissolving gradually, and fading, as if landfilll turning into soil.

The digital decay of all the posts progresses slightly by passing of each day, as well as the visitors’ interactions where they click the “forget” button appearing over the dumped posts. This interactivity introduces a collective form of contribution to the digital decay, in addition to the gradual, quasi-natural decay of the posts happening everyday.


* Please note: the submission of a social media post does not delete the original data of your post – from your social media page or the company’s server.


Submission form

Please take a screenshot of a social media post or picture, and upload from the box below

(accepted files: jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff, psd: up to 12MB)
Please note: any name or face of a person in the file, will be anonymised or censored.

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The artist would like you to:
  • agree to give the artist permission to use, modify, publish, circulate and make derivate works of the submitted content(s) (if it is owned by you) for his art project.
  • confirm you are aged 18 or over, or able to give consent.
  • confirm that the submitted material(s) are not meant to cause any offence or defamation.
  • understand that any name of person or organisation will not be published on the website, and will be anonymised or censored in any other way. Also if the text or image you submitted includes any identifiable name or photograph with a face of a person, the artist will edit out or hide such details.
  • agree to that the personal and organisational information in the content(s) you have provided (name, recognisable parts of photograph, email address, and the IP address [that is automatically collected through the submission form by design]) will not be disclosed to the public. And the artist will anonymise the information above (except the email address) of the original content(s), before 12 months after the submission date. The email address may be used to contact you, should there be any need.

By ticking the box below, could you please confirm that you understand and agree with what have been stated above?


Contact: info@shinjitoya.com